Your Body Loves You. Love Her Back.

Just in case you’re even slightly considering starting over with a diet or meal plan this Monday

Instead, consider: “Your body loves you. Love her back.”
*She’s showing up for you-have you been showing up for her?
*She loves you, are you loving her back?
*She’s on your side, are you on hers?

Here’s the things you need to know:
*Diets and mainstream methods for weight loss set us up to fail.
*They make us disconnect from all of the magic that our body’s contain.
*They make us work against our bodies,instead of with our bodies.
*Your body is here to support you.
*It’s up to you to join forces with her and watch the magic unfold

If you’re ready to transform your struggle with your body,
food and/or fitness for good….the time is NOW.
I am taking personal 1-on-1 coaching clients & you can schedule a FREE 30 minute discovery session to begin! Also, (included in personal coaching or you can join separately) my FOOD, BODY & FITNESS FREEDOM FOR THE HOLIDAYS COURSE officially begins today!

-Emotional/binge eating support and strategies
-How to find freedom with food, eat ALL food (whole foods and treats) w/ a balanced healthy approach, and how to break up with the scale and diet mentality
-How to embrace your body as it is NOW & find beauty in who you are…perfectly imperfect!
-How to find exercise as movement and enjoy it rather than use it as punishment
-Cheap, healthy & quick single meals & family dinner recipes
-Quick workouts to do at home on your own time
-Activities to help you relieve stress

 I LOVE Xmas, cyber Monday & giving so the next 2-3 people who JOIN ME TODAY OR TOMORROW will get a FABULOUS GIFT♥ ! Claim your spot ASAP by messaging me, commenting below or joining in the link!

Day 29–MMA Power! Last time doing this routine and man–I can just feel how much stronger my legs, arms and core are now as opposed to day 1! This program is legit, has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has made me realize I LOVE MMA workouts. I never would have tried MMA if it wasn’t for my home workouts–I’d never have attended a class or a gym! Now only 1 more day of this program!!!


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