Nutritionists typically focus on lists and charts full of good and bad foods. The process is often cerebral and uses measurements, portions, logic, and control.

Health coaches typically focus on improving and individualizing client’s diet along with education and support upgrading their diet to whole, high-quality foods.

Being both a health coach and eating psychology counselor, I love working from the nutritional realm and I also pick up where many traditional models leave off addressing the triggers that drive your behavior and contribute to your symptoms. We explore the deeper dimensions of weight loss, overeating, chronic dieting, food morality, and digestive issues that other approaches may skim over.

Rather than trying to manage or control the body and appetite, we fully engage with them and develop self-trust in the body’s needs and messages – one of the most empowering skills for a woman in transforming her relationship with food.

What can I expect from our work together?

You can expect us to work directly with your main health concerns and draw on the wisdom of your past and current life situations to address your health from an integrative, holistic perspective.

My clients are a handful of very special women that I am 100% committed to. My one-on-one sessions are my highest level of support (yes, that means I think about you when I’m on my daily walks) so you can expect me at my best as a supporter, food mentor, and teacher.

Our work can run deep and can also be light-hearted and fun. I want you to achieve your personal goals as much as you do and help guide you the most effective ways I know how.

Are there measurable results from our work together?

Of course. Many of my clients report better sleep, a significant decrease in unwanted eating habits, weight loss, less bloating, and more easeful and consistent digestion and elimination.

At the same time, many benefits for clients are in areas that are not as easily measured. Clients feel more comfortable in their own skin, are simply nicer to themselves, feel better equipped to handle stressors, and trust themselves and their bodies more.

Ready more from some of my clients.

Can I find this information online for free somewhere else?

You can certainly browse the Internet for nutritional advice, strategies on intuitive eating, and tips for weight loss. There is plenty of information out there.

However, most of my clients have spent a lot of time researching, reading, and studying dietary strategies and are still feeling stuck or confused. What I can offer you is support DIRECTLY addressing your unique concerns and honoring your life circumstances and way of being in the world. I draw on my professional expertise in this field as well as my first-hand experience working through my own challenges with food (read my story here).

How long do you typically meet with clients?

This certainly varies per client although many of my clients fall around the 6-month range, some working with me a little less and some far beyond that.  After the bulk of our work together has been addressed, many choose to schedule semi-regular “maintenance” sessions throughout the year.

I want to work with you, but I don’t live in Ohio. Do you work with distance clients?

Yes! I’ve been working with clients nationally/internationally via phone or Zoom. Just ask.

In the beginning of our work together, sessions are typically scheduled closer together to build some momentum. As time progressed we discuss spacing sessions out as we see fit.

All sessions are an hour in length.

Will I have to count calories, measure portions, or follow a specific plan?

No. It is my intention to help free my clients from the grips of measuring or monitoring every little bite they put in their mouth.

The only exception would be when I feel my client would benefit from a degree of structure with their eating, but even this is highly individual.

What does an initial session look like?

An initial session is an hour in length and is an in-depth discussion about your main health concerns, what you’d like to see happen for your health and your life, and what has you feeling “stuck” these days. It is important we establish a firm sense of trust and rapport in our first session and we begin with actionable steps by the end of our first session.

Ready to schedule your first session? Connect with me here.

Why is this a valuable investment? I want to work with you but I’m worried my spouse/partner may not see the value in this work.

Of course I may be a bit biased, but an investment in ourselves is one of the best gifts we can give those closest to us. Making self-care a priority is not only a symbolic and powerful personal act, but affects all areas outside of our internal experience.

If a health, eating, weight, or body image challenge is absorbing energy in a way that makes us less emotionally and mentally available than we’d love to be for our relationships, families, communities, or work, then our healing is as much for them as it is for us.

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