What to Expect


You can expect us to work directly with your main health concerns and draw on the wisdom of your past and current life situations to address your health from an integrative, holistic perspective.

My clients are a handful of very special women that I am 100% committed to. My one-on-one sessions are my highest level of support (yes, that means I think about you when I’m on my daily walks) so you can expect me at my best as a supporter, food mentor, and teacher.

Our work can run deep and can also be light-hearted and fun. I want you to achieve your personal goals as much as you do and help guide you the most effective ways I know how.


An initial session is anywhere from 60-90 minutes in length and is an in-depth discussion about your main health concerns, what you’d like to see happen for your health and your life, and what has you feeling “stuck” currently. It is important we establish a firm sense of trust and rapport in our first session and we begin with actionable steps by the end of our first session.

From then on, each session is 50 minutes long every other week.  If a client want an additional session or check in on the off weeks of our meetings, those are available and are 30 minutes long.

The length of time that I meet with clients varies as some need more or desire more help than others. I have created different length programs including: 6 month, 3 month, 1 month and Single sessions. We will discuss what program is best for you and begin. Single sessions can always be added in if needed. Also, if when the program is completed and you wish to continue with another one, that is an option we can discuss and arrange.

We either meet in person or Zoom virtually online (much like Skype or FaceTime). I give my full attention to you and we really dig deep into you and your life to understand what could be affecting your unwanted behaviors, issues, weight, stress, etc. so we can take the appropriate action to resolve it and/or learn how to cope with it.


I also have the option for client’s to join my Virtual Health and Fitness Groups I run monthly. I set each client up with a fitness pack full of 600+ plus workouts that are streamed on any device and from anywhere that has WiFi.

  • They are done at home, on your own time and has every type of workout imaginable….dancing (country, Jazz), strength training, agility, cardio, yoga, pilates, MMA, boot camp, pregnancy approved, a kid’s channel, a family channel with workouts to do together, and more!
  • The fitness pack includes MUCH more depending on which one we choose so more information can be found on my Virtual Health and Fitness Group page.
  • Each month I run a new group with my clients and focus on a different theme to educate on daily. I post about everything from nutrition, health, fitness, eating psychology, holistic health, overall wellbeing and more through: tips and tricks, informational articles, educational knowledge, etc. I also assign activities and projects to do, projects, homework assignments, and other actionable activities so clients can put what they learn into action. That is the whole point and goal!
  • The group becomes like a big family and they support, encourage, offer advice and suggestions, provide daily accountability to each other’s goals and more. It is truly a magical place and the best friends are made here. Each client posts her workouts, food, questions, comments, motivational quotes, family pics, or whatever they want or feel they want to share on the daily and that is how the accountability and support really affects achieving goals and maintaining them.
  • The group is full of like-minded women looking to achieve success while changing their lifestyles and are in it together.


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