Tips on How to Overcome Feelings of Guilt from Indulging. AND…I Finished my MMA Program Today!

Feeling guilty after the holiday weekend of indulging? Here are some tips that work well for me when I start recognizing that oh so familiar feeling starting to creep up:
1. Acknowledge it but don’t give it your time. Recognize your feeling of guilt, but don’t let it consume you. It’s important to confront your feelings in order to better understand them. However, try to distract yourself and replace these negative emotions as soon as they creep up with more positive ones if you start to perseverate on these negative feelings.

2. Eat. Yes, you read that right. Restricting after an indulgent weekend only leads to more feelings that what you did was wrong and needs to be fixed. It also leads to binges and over eating. Try to get back into your normal eating routine.

3. Hydrate! Especially important if your indulgent weekend included alcohol 😉

4. Get moving! Or rest! Contradictory? Maybe…but if you were super active and indulgent over the weekend then maybe a rest day is just what you need!

5. Bottom line is to listen to your body! Feeling tired after an active weekend? Cozy up and watch a new show on Netflix! Feeling super energetic from the extra fuel? Awesome! You could use that energy for a great workout if you so choose!💫

P.S. If you’re ready to transform your struggle with your body, food and/or fitness for good….the time is NOW.
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I FINISHED MY CORE DE FORCE PROGRAM TODAY!! I can’t wait to share the progress & changes I made. I LOVED it, had TONS of fun, and would recommend this program to anyone!


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