Weight Loss


Google search “Weight Loss” and you will be bombarded with hundreds of sites. You would think with all of the exercise programs, diet plans, pills, supplements, fitness experts, doctors, clinics, machines, creams, plastic surgery, and gyms….we would have figured out this weight loss thing by now, but we haven’t!

How is it possible that obesity, health problems, and eating disorders are on the rise when we have access to all of this information? Are we all really that “weak” and “undisciplined?” Is it really just a small percentage of people who have the capability of being healthy and happy?  NO! You can be your healthiest and happiest self, too. No matter where you are at on the “I want to lose weight” continuum, as your coach, I can help!


Our eating challenges fall on a continuum. According to Webster, the simple definition of a continuum is “a range or series of things that are slightly different from each other and that exist between two different possibilities.”  Imagine that I am holding up a long string. There are many different points along the string between the two ends. Just because you are not at one end/extreme or the other, doesn’t mean you do not struggle.

Many will think if they are not suffering from a clinical eating disorder, such as Bulimia and Anorexia, or haven’t been diagnosed with Obesity and related health concerns, then there isn’t a problem. However, if your mind is consumed with thoughts of food, body, exercise, etc., then you certainly have a pain-point. The great news is that you do not have to live this way. No matter where you are at on the continuum, I will meet you there and help!

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