“Helping kids feel good about their bodies in this fat-phobic culture isn’t easy, and we need to be able to talk about body size in an open and non-judgmental way.”

Kids are always listening–YOU MUST REMEMBER. They are like sponges. So, what does it do to them when they hear us laugh at jokes that shame “fat” people? Or when they hear us comment on others’ weight and/or assign moral value to food?

They learn that bodies are up for comment, policing and shaming. They develop disordered views and habits around food such as “I have to eat this, can’t eat that” or “This is good food, this is bad”.

If we’re serious about breaking cycles of body hatred and ending diet culture that leads to disordered eating…..and REALLY WANT TO HELP OUR CHILDREN be healthy (mind, body and soul), then please make an effort to stop commenting on bodies.

 This is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT NOW DURING THE HOLIDAY AND NEW YEAR RESOLUTION “DIETING SEASON”. Grrr. Rise above. Stop the madness and be a good role model. And if you need help breaking free from the diet mentality or finding freedom around food, body and fitness, then please reach out and ask! I’m here for you



I brought back a favorite workout today after missing it all last month doing my other program….Dirty 30! It feel good to use weights again. And yes, I got stronger during the last month using my body to sculpt my body, but today I used new muscles and so the weights were harder than expected. But hey, that is good because room for progress yet again! LOVE IT!


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