Here you will find all sorts of recipes to try! Some are my own, some I have found from other individuals and recreated into my own recipe, and some I have discovered from other people and have enjoyed so much I had to share!

I am all about enjoying ALL food in balance and moderation. NO restrictions. NO dieting. A healthy and maintainable lifestyle is all about being able to eat well for a majority of the time while allowing yourself to treat yourself on occasion, too. Also, listening to your body and feeding it what it truly wants/needs is vital to your healthy—mentally, emotionally and physically.

All food nourishes us. There is no “good” or “bad” food. Food is food. Yes, some is more nutritionally dense and provides more nutritional benefits like vitamins, minerals, etc. for us, such as a kale salad. However, some food is more nutritionally dense for our soul and happiness, such as a warm slice of apple pie, which nourishes us on a completely different level, yet is essential to our health and still much needed.

What I am saying then, is that ALL food nourishes us, but it nourishes us all differently. No matter what, we need nourished on all levels of our health–mental, physical, intellectual, emotional, psychiatric, etc. to be completely and overall HEALTHY.

That said, I believe in the 80/20 lifestyle, where you eat well and fill your body full of whole foods (proteins, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, carbs) 80% of the time and treat yourself with sweets and goodies 20% of the time. This also keeps you sane and prevents you from restricting foods you love and truly want. When you restrict foods you end up binging hard core on them a few days into your restricting and then actually set yourself up for a worse outcome…..weight gain, guilt/shame around food and your body, disordered eating, restrict/binge cycles, and more.

So here you will find an assortment of healthy recipes from main meals to desserts! The majority are healthy and even my desserts are on the healthier side as I create my own and/or change up the recipes do I find to make them my own by incorporating whole foods, quality ingredients and superfoods in the recipes rather than use the processed, over-sugared original recipe. BUT, I will sometimes include a hearty or down right indulgence in the mix because ALL food should be enjoyed 🙂

I hope you enjoy! If you do try a recipe, please let me know in the comments. Or, you can use the hashtag #rywrecipe on Instagram or Facebook so I can see it!


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