Project Heal

Serve one another in love.
Galatians 5:13


As a Project HEAL Ambassador, I am dedicated to the prevention and recovery of eating disorders through raising awareness, education, and access to treatment. I’m also very outspoken about how destructive diet culture’s message in society is and preach to develop an anti-dieting mentality. In addition, I advocate for positive self-image, self-love, and moving one’s body to feel good and for enjoyment rather than exercise for punishment.

I became involved in Project Heal as a National Ambassador for many reasons. I want to spread the word about eating disorders and mental health as much as possible! I want to raise money for people suffering to go to treatment because everyone should be able to get treatment if they want/need regardless of insurance, stipulations, weight, etc. Plus, Project Heal hits so close to my heart and my life story that I want to be involved in any way I can to reach as many people as I can to help anyone with an eating disorder in any way possible.

I have overcome a 12-year battle with various eating disorders and understand the frustration of how isolating an eating disorder can feel, how it literally takes over the person’s whole being without them realizing it, and how much it affects not only the individual, but their family and friends as well. I want others to know they are not alone on their journey. I also want to help people close to anyone with an eating disorder (family, friends) become more educated on this under-educated mental illness, ie: how it affects a person, how to help, where to go for information, what habits/behaviors to look/watch for, etc. so they can get more involved in a healthier way to help the recovery process of their loved one. Ultimately, I want people to know that recovery is possible.

To learn more about Project HEAL, donate, or apply for a grant you may contact me or visit:

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