😣 Are you worried about “looking your best” for holiday parties or seeing certain people you only see once a year? You feel like you have to present yourself in a certain “way” to be accepted, “look better” than them, etc?

I know it’s not easy to just erase the anxiety around this stuff, but it is important to realize that the stress and disordered thinking you create for yourself only builds up to create more attention for you to focus on looking ‘perfect’. It will consume your mind 24/7 and really heighten your anxiety.

🙅Tell that inner critic in your head to back off. Here are 5 things to keep in mind:
1. Everyone else is also too consumed, worried or conceded with how they look…so they really aren’t assessing you, your outfit, your new jewelry, or your body nearly as much as you assume they are.
2. YOU ARE ENOUGH! Just showing up and being YOU- real and authentic-is powerful and very liberating. I know being your true self is and can be hard around certain people because you feel judged, but trust me–the more you practice, the easier it gets, the more people respect you and the less anxiety you will have! Plus, remember you can’t please everyone and you are not everyone’s cup of tea!
3. People genuinely prefer to be around someone who is FUN and has GOOD ENERGY versus someone who just “looks great” anyway. People won’t remember how you looked years later, but they will remember how you made them feel…
4. People who LOVE and APPRECIATE you for who you are don’t care what you look like.
5. Getting something to wear that you like and feel comfortable in is a part of self care and feeling comfortable will actually give you more confidence to radiate off to others. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new dress- wear one you have and love or go ahead and get a new one! Just respect your beautiful and unique body when you shop and REMEMBER: it’s not about getting the right body for your clothes, it’s about finding the right clothes for your current body.
💝 Sending you all so much love and positivity this holiday season. And remember that you’re a bad a$$ and you don’t owe it to anyone to look a certain way or wear certain clothes. Just do what feels good to you because you are really freaking amazing just as you are 💕



Today I woke up and felt like yoga was needed. So I streamed it from my living room in my pj’s with Bella (my dog) as my side kick. 30 minutes later I felt like a new person. I feel focused, centered, stretched out and ready to tackle the day!


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