I Am Enough Just As I Am. You Are Enough Just As You Are, Too.

I have always feared judgement from others.
If someone is acting different, I automatically assume the worse and think it is because of something I did.

Yes, I struggle with anxiety alot, and it is something I have never really opened up about on here…just mentioned it here and there. It got worse during my ED for many reasons, but now with recovery it is ever so slowly getting better…not easy at all to overcome but coping is getting easier day by day.

That said, I sometimes worry if someone may not resonate with my captions on here and understand my messages I try to get across…but that is the old me. Now I could care less if people approve of my messages, agree, or their opinions, because I am a firm believer in my beliefs and am here to help others reclaim their life, freedom around body image, food and fitness. And hey, if that bothers someone, that someone isn’t a person for me to coach! I’m learning to be ok and understand we can’t please EVERYONE.

And yes, I literally feel everything, am very emotional and some days it’s really friggin hard to deal with…

I let any of these facts hold me back.

I have finally realized that all of these FACTS about me are what define my strength. My feelings allow me be my authentic self. Allow me to stand strong in my morals and beliefs. Be as passionate and crazy in love with my job to help others as I am. Do what I believe to be best for myself and others, etc.. And because of that I feel emotions hard. I am me and I am finally realizing that is enough. And loving it. And it feels amazing.

Tag someone below who you define as strong. Someone who shows the world a whole heck of a lot of love! Love conquers ALL! 💜


Yes, I pushed play on 21-Day Fix lower body today! I haven’t done it for a long time so you can say my legs were on fiiiiyyya. But it felt awesome!

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