Live Your Life in Color

A lot of us look at life in black or white.
Meaning either it’s all good or all bad. Meaning we’re either doing amazing or we’re not. Meaning either we look beautiful or we don’t.
I think life, fitness, food, and body image are far from black or white. I think they are all colors of the rainbow Why you ask?

We’re not ugly just because we “feel” like we are.
We’re not failing at life just because we messed up on one little task/project/event.
We’re not destined to have a bad day just because one thing went wrong or off our routine.
We are meant to mess up. We are meant to fall, struggle, cry and scream….and then laugh at the end of it all!

Your life can be, and is, all sorts of colors! It is indeed, never black or white. It is never all good or all bad.
You are always working towards a goal and bettering yourself even when you think you aren’t.

Your reflection is always beautiful even when you tell yourself it’s not.
Your fitness routine might be way different than others but it is perfect because it fits you and your goals.
Your food preferences might differ from everyone else but as long as it works for you, it is what you need to eat!
Let’s stop labeling life and things in it as good and/or bad and stop the comparison game.
Live your life in ALL sorts of color. Be the freaking rainbow.


Finished up my last MMA Shred routine for day 27! I wasn’t really in the mood today, no lies, but I knew I would feel better afterwards and I have goals to reach so I pushed play. I do indeed feel better and I’m still on my goal of completing this program just as it is laid out! Only 3 more days


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