A Word on Diets:”You can roll shit in glitter and package it up like “diet this way”, “health” or “self love” but don’t kid yourself–it is still a package of glittery shit.”

A word on diets…”You can roll shit in glitter and package it up like “diet this way”, “health” or “self love” but don’t kid yourself–it is still a package of glittery shit.”


Is every NEW version of a weight lose diet just the same old shit? Um…YUP! (clearly–it didn’t work in the 80s & still won’t work now, obviously.)
I’m getting sick and tired of seeing diet-peddlers wrap their ridiculous “weight loss” books and programs in shiny new packages, dipped in glitter and re-packaged as “body positive” or “self love” or “how to lose 10lbs in 3 days” or “how to workout to get 6pack abs.” Seriously? STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

It does NOTHING for women (or men) when we spend our precious time and energy trying to “fix” our bodies (which p.s.-are already fine, in all their imperfect glory as that is how you were made to be).

We need to wise up to diet culture. NOW. Stop buying into fad diets, quick fixes and scams…if they worked they would have worked already!–past years of all their trials–and clearly they HAVEN’T because people are still unhappy and trying out every new diet to get promised results that they aren’t and haven’t.

We need solidarity, but we desperately need to address the perpetrators of these assaults on our bodies. And dieting is an assault, make no mistake.

So I am telling you to say NO to diet shit. Even if it’s pretty, wrapped in glitter, all packaged up shiny-like. Because, and you know this is true, it’s still a package of glittery shit 🙂

✴️If you need help finding freedom around your body, food and/or fitness to improve your health, I’m here for you! Just a message away and I do FREE 30 minute discovery calls so what do you have to lose?✴️



**Did day 25-Dynamic strength yesterday on Thanksgiving and then did day 26- MMA speed today. Last time for both of these routines and it was epicly awesome to feel my progress made from day 1 and 2 doing those routines! I’m feeling stronger, fitter, more agile and swift and confident!


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