“Hating your body won’t make you thin. Being thin won’t make you stop hating your body.”

“Hating your body won’t make you thin. Being thin won’t make you stop hating your body.”

Ladies please read and reread this. Over and over. It doesn’t matter how thin you are or if you have a cute perky booty. You are NEVER going to reach a place of true peace and happiness until you fully embrace and love your body the way it was designed and the way it is NOW. You don’t have to love it all the time-that’s hard and unrealistic- but you have to appreciate it for all it does for you, respect it at all times, and therefore love it in the best way possible at all times. You can still work to make changes, better yourself, and try new things…but those have to be done after you love and accept who you are to truly make the changes ever lasting and meaningful ❤️

I want to help you find the love and acceptance you deserve around food and body! That said, my FOOD, BODY & FITNESS FREEDOM FOR THE HOLIDAYS COURSE group begins Monday, the 20th w/ prep week.

-Emotional/binge eating support and strategies
-How to find freedom with food, eat ALL food (whole foods and treats) w/ a balanced healthy approach, and how to break up with the scale and diet mentality
-How to embrace your body as it is NOW & find beauty in who you are…perfectly imperfect!
-How to find exercise as movement and enjoy it rather than use it as punishment
-Cheap, healthy & quick single meals & family dinner recipes
-Quick workouts to do at home on your own time
-Activities to help you relieve stress

Do this for YOU. It’ll be fun & I’m incorporating goofy Xmas activities in, too! Plus, you’ll get support 24/7 from me and other ladies, and you’ll be meeting/connecting with other women just like you! WINNING. What do you have to lose?

I am taking a limited number of ladies and spots are already filling up fast, so claim your spot by messaging me, commenting below or joining in the link below!


Day 20–MMA plyo . This was a brand new routine but I loved it!! The moves were crazy fun and i felt like a badass! Plus I worked up a good sweat and feel great now! MMA is so freaking fun—-who knew?!

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