“Consistency is the key 🔑 to results and success.”

“Consistency is the key 🔑 to results and success.”

I’ve always been somewhat flexible indeed, but never like WAY flexible. However, I’ve been working HARD on it the past year. My home workout programs have focused on it (more some than others) which has made a HUGE difference, I’ve made sure to stretch daily, I’ve learned how important it is to incorporate stretching into a fitness routine, and I’ve stayed consistent in progressing.

And its paying off because today I reached a NON SCALE VICTORY!! I WAS ABLE TO FULLY LAY FORWARD IN THE STRATAL STRETCH and TOUCH MY FACE TO THE FLOOR!! First time ever! 🌟🎉🎊🏆.

Ah, it’s so great to see hard work pay off. Sure, each day I may feel like nothing is improving but now when milestones like this occur, I can look back and see the major progress that’s been made 😊. It’s all worth it. Never give up on what you want. Baby steps daily are the key 🔑 to success along with consistency ❤️

That said, today was day 22 of my MMA inspired workout and it was rest/stretch day! . Honestly probably my favorite 😂 because I LOVE to stretch. I could do it all day everyday! I get tight from sitting a lot while I work so this is always much needed. I do make sure to stretch each day though because that is important to any workout regimen.

AS IS A REST DAY EACH WEEK. Your muscles need time to rest and repair. If you don’t let them repair they won’t grow from being under constant stress and strain. That means that yes, all your hard work you put in lifting weights, running, etc., will be pointless in the fact it won’t show off your hard work. Your muscles won’t grow, lean out, tone up… whatever you’re working toward achieving. Plus, resting helps ensure you don’t over train. It helps people from burning out and coming to hate exercising. It also helps keep strains and injuries at bay. Finally, it lets your whole body recover which gives you more umph to really rock out your workouts the rest of the week 😉💪🏻

Share with me a non scale victory you had this past week!! ⬇️⬇️


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