Let’s Ditch the Diet Culture. Stop Letting It Rule Your Life & Take Your Money.

“Accepting your body and ditching diet culture allows you to ACTUALLY CARE FOR YOURSELF versus caring for a system that doesn’t really care about you.”

Diet culture is seductive and it has a way of convincing us that if we’re not engaging with it, we’re somehow failing or not doing our part. But guess what? Want to know the truth?

Diet culture doesn’t care about us as individuals. It cares about the $60 billion that the weight loss industry profits from every year. It’s not trying to make us healthier–it’s trying to take our money and force us into some unrealistic standard that we have no obligation to meet.

So what can we do? We can ditch the diets and learn how to take care of ourselves in the ways that feel best– through proper nourishment, movement and exercise if/when it feels good/that you enjoy, and activities that truly allow us to live a fulfilled life.

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Day 17–MMA Power is done! Last time for this routine which is bittersweet but I’m ready for the new moves coming in the next routine! I love how this is teaching my body to move in new ways it never has before. Plus, I’m learning how to defend myself in real life situations–Winning!


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