Stop Wasting Money, Time & Feeling Crummy. Reduce Stress, Achieve More & Feel Amazing…All With Food Prep!

Are you tired of eating out every night? Of wasting money on fast food every night? Of feeling crummy and lacking energy due to not eating well and fueling your body correctly? Or of stressing over cooking dinner when you get home after work and spending 30-60 min every night doing so?

STOP THE MADNESS. All you need to do is FOOD PREP.

One night a week (I choose Sunday), block off 2-3 hours and dedicate it to prepping a few meals or individual sides/main dishes, cut up fruits and veggies, prepare little bags of meals/smoothies to store in the freezer and whip out ready to go in, etc.

Not only will you save a ton of $$$, you will STRESS LESS and have more time after work to do other things you need to get done rather than cook dinner each night. You will be fueling your body with whole nutritious foods that will make you feel better from the inside out and give you MORE energy. You won’t have to waste time or gas $$ driving to a fast food restaurant. AND BEST PART–you can eat the foods YOU WANT to eat (when you grocery shop and choose recipes) and truly enjoy rather than have to choose off a limited menu…

🔹If this is hitting the nail on the head for you and you are so badly wanting to start food/meal prepping for yourself and/or your family but don’t have any idea where to start, how to create weekly menu plans or meals, how to cook food, how to budget…DON’T WORRY.

🔹A SERVICE of my Holistic Health Coaching Business is FOOD PREP. If you’re interested or need more info on how to get set up with me to begin transforming your food lifestyle, simply COMMENT below or MESSAGE me or EMAIL me


This week:

• Organic beef broth, sweet mustard marinade, minced garlic
and rosemary crockpot chicken breasts 😍
• Grape on the vine tomato, spinach, mushroom and Swiss cheese range free egg 🍳 cups (perfect way to once again use up veggies I needed to! That is why I LOVE these egg cups–customizable)
•Roasted Murasaki sweet potatoes!
•Roasted KABOCHA squash ❤️
•Roasted DELICATA squash 💚
•2 pomegranates (I cut myself and now my kitchen is pink 😉 They were on sale–Score! Perks of shopping in season).
•An assortment of roasted veggies with spices: brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms and rainbow carrots 🥕 .
•Also, like always, in the fridge and freezer I have plenty of other proteins, fruits, veggies, HUMMUS (x10–no shame), bread and healthy fats like usual.


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