Our Minds Distort Our Mirrors.

“Our minds distort our mirrors.”

You are NOT fat. You have fat. Just like you have hair, fingernails, etc. 💛Sometimes I FEEL fat or bloated, and that’s ok to feel. We have to focus and work on Body Respect in our lives to develop self love and find true happiness…so I am here to help you! (  I’m accepting personal 1-on-1 clients to find food/body/exercise/health freedom AND/OR you can join my virtual health/fitness group to be coached, too. Message me for a FREE consult and deets ).

How often do you stand in front of the mirror talking bad about yourself? Having laser focus of all the qualities you don’t like about your body. How does that make you feel? Chances are, not too great. Here’s my tip for you➡️

Find ONE thing you like about yourself. It doesn’t have to be all about your body shape at all! For example, I like my eyelashes! Or I like my dimples when I smile! It can be anything you please. Just make it a point to NEVER leave the mirror without finding one thing you like or even LOVE about yourself🤗

It’s ok to have bad body days. It’s ok to not love your shape at this moment, but ALL bodies deserve love and acceptance always. Start small. Find one good thing. Focus on the good. Start talking about yourself in a positive light Whatever you focus on, expands. Why put yourself through any more misery?!
Whenever I have a bad body thought, I let it come and then I try my hardest to  LET IT GO 🤗 I then find one small thing I like, make my body comfortable, and move on with my day 💕 Make small positive habits and watch yourself start to change!



Day 12–MMA Power was bomb! 3 min rounds w/ new move combos that were FUN and 30 second cardio spikes between that were challenging, but I did it! I sweat, cursed, smiled–all at the same time, HAHA…but I feel GREAT and STRONG afterwards–mentally and physically. LOVE this MMA program!


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