Face Your Fear Foods or Foods You Deem “Off Limits”. Learn How & Why.

Have you faced any fear foods or foods you deem “off limits” this week or since ditching the restrictive “purity” diets??

Did you face these foods without guilt, shame or fear? Even if not totally yet… each time you face them, the fear dissipates more and more… BELIEVE IT.

I remember the first time I allowed myself to have pizza. The ULTIMATE fear food of my fear foods…

It sent me into a state of panic; I got sweaty, my anxiety was a level 60 on a 10 scale, my heart started racing, I couldn’t focus on anything and I felt as if I literally was going to die…all because I truly still *believed* this food was poison… and that I was weak if I ate such a food…

I can laugh now because I’ve eaten more pizza since then, and I sure as hell am not dead, but more ALIVE than ever…

So you may wonder: Why do I feel so great and empowered by eating a supposed “junk food” or “bad food”?

Because I am able to LIVE my life again without fear holding me back from life experiences and opportunities, social outings, making memories, control issues dictating what I “can’t do”, not eating anything then only to purge on it later that night, or workout 2 hours longer that day to eat one slice, or allow my perfectionistic mindsets preventing me from pursuing important, meaningful and fun things in life…

Face the fear! Everything you want often lies on the other side of fear 😉 😜 And I’m only a message away to help YOU reach food, body and exercise freedom, too! 



Day 12 of CDF–Power Sculpt! Talk about feeling fierce. I can feel my core getting mega stronger and my overall body getting more limber while stronger, too due to the way the moves work the body overall–twisting, using body weight as weights, etc. This program is LEGIT.


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