STOP labeling food as “good” & “bad” and ENJOY it ALL with BALANCE.

Today’s tip is here and talk about a truth bomb! OMG 😮

Who here struggles with labeling food “okay and not okay”??

You should not base your progress based on what you eat.

Eating kale doesn’t make you a good person.

Eating donuts doesn’t make you a bad person.

Eating TOO MUCH of something, doesn’t make you bad either.

How do we stop telling ourselves what is “OKAY” and “NOT OKAY” to eat?

We have to LET GO of the dieting rules that tie us down. Stop listening to media and society.

We have to LET GO of everything we once believed (or still believe) around food.

You have to give yourself unconditional permission to eat whatever you want.

You have to give yourself permission to ACTUALLY do so.

Give yourself permission to eat something forbidden. Give yourself permission to explore. Give yourself mission to enjoy these foods. Give permission for yourself to heal around food. To become more intuitive. To re-learn the natural way we were all born to eat. ❤️. It is possible. Hard? Possibly. Yes. Worth it? Absolutely 😊


And if you need help or guidance, I’m always here to coach you every step of the way!

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