Smile Because You Can!

Because you can,
Because you have the power to smile if you want to,
You have the power to take everything going wrong and smile through the pain,
And change your perspective on it.
SMILE because there is only one person in this world who can decide where you end up,
And that person is YOU.
Smile because you get to write your life, your reactions, your goals.
Smile because you have the power to let external factors NOT affect you.
And that, that is the most beautiful thing in the world😊🔥❤️


I’m smiling today because I already demolished day 10 of my MMA workout and had a BLAST…I drank my delicious and nutritious cafe latte superfood dessert salad smoothie…the ladies in my fitness group are killing their goals…and I whipped out my favorite lotion of all time today– Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel!

And the day will only get better because my fellow team coaches and I are having a SNEAK PEAK INTO COACHING & HOW IT HAS IMPACTED OUR LIVES tonight at 7:30 pm MT. If you are even the least bit curious if this is for you or are curious, please join! Message me or join via link (  No obligations at all. Just the option to join an amazing team and make a new career into a living 


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