Being healthy is WAY more than your workout regime and eating “clean” 24/7…

Being healthy is WAY more than your workout regime and eating “clean” 24/7…like many people think #societyhasbrainwashedyou

You can workout hours on end, eat kale salads at every meal, BUT if your mind, thoughts and internal emotions are out whack, negative, not given attention to and/or underworked, your COMPLETE picture of HEALTHY will NOT be complete. This is something I WISH ⭐️ I had learned as a little tike, but better late than never. NOW, and since recovery and my holistic health schooling the past few years, mental health is my #1 focus in life and achieving optimal health because the mind is POWERFUL. It has to be in the right place to have EVERYTHING else in life fall into place….healthy eating lifestyle, fitness, emotions, career success, etc. I want YOU to know a few things you can practice and focus on DAILY to improve your mental health:

You’ve got to get to know yourself: know what’s good and what’s bad for YOU.
You’ve got to practice self care.
You’ve got to learn how and when to put yourself first.
You’ve got to be comfortable spending time alone with yourself and your thoughts.
You’ve got to know where to draw the line.
You’ve got to be able to get real with yourself.
And you’ve got to, on a daily basis, show yourself that YOU CARE about YOURSELF–you’ve got to learn how to be your number 1️⃣.

So tell me! What is one characteristic about yourself that you can celebrate TODAY ( right now 😊) YES YOU!

**Revitalize Your Well-being Health Coaching

Day 8 MMA Shred–DONE in 35 minutes from my living room! 2nd time doing this routine and I can happily say the moves were more natural and I was able to step it up another notch #hellosweat! I feel like such a badass, HA, but I love how these moves work my whole body in an entirely different way than I’m used to! Are you ready to join me?!


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