Be a Fighter. Fight your fight.

Hey YOU! Yes, YOU.
Be a fighter, but never fight against yourself.
Fight for your goals, but don’t fight your thoughts.
Fight for your happiness, but never fight your feelings.
Fight for yourself, but never fight your truth 💪🏻 .
I believe, heck I WANT, you to be a fighter! But I don’t want you to be so much of a fighter that you begin fighting the wrong things. The world is a crappy place and bad/good things will happen no matter what. But, sometimes instead of fighting back, the best thing you can do is turn your back and fight for what’s to come 💪🏻 .
Today was rest/stretch day 7 and THANK GOODNESS! My body needed it. I am sore and tight (in a good way of course 😜 ) and the simple 20 minutes of stretching out was JUST what the Dr. ordered! Now I’m off to food prep–my favorite Sunday activity, duh 😜 — and watch football in the background!

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