Why I’m NO LONGER living as a LABEL…and why you shouldn’t either

Hey hey! I SERIOUSLY forgot how much I LOVE this MMA program. I’m not a sweater, but this gets me sweating every single day! The moves are freaking FUN and challenging! I can happily feel my body changing by the day and I feel so empowered overall–BA status 🙂 I’m so glad I chose to do this 30 day workout again! Now, I have a more serious story for you to relate to below ❤
Yesterday I was talking with a friend and we were just sharing funny stories from our past to get to know each other better. I caught myself as I started to say “when I was deep in my ED and at my lowest weight I…” and I stopped myself.
I realized I was putting a label on my body and life from the past. I don’t want to think of myself as a “thinner body” or a “better body” or a “person w/ a mental illness.” I quite frankly do not want to put any type of label on myself.
I have spent my entire life being a “label” or some sort (sports jocky, smart girl, over achiever, girl w/ an ED, tiny, etc., etc.) and I’m over it.
So my #flashbackfriday story is about my mental health progress–which is my #1 focus in my life/recovery/journey. My transformation is and from now on will be “label free”.
Gaining weight or losing weight is your own personal decision, and each person has their own journey, but it never changes who you are as a human being. It doesn’t automatically categorize your worth. Focus on the inside and the outside will take care of itself!
You will always be you.
You will always be writing the next chapter in your story.
I choose to live my next chapter “label free.”
Are you with me?
❤ If so, join me now! If you need help, ya know…it is my job to help ladies/women reach their optimal health and find find freedom and happiness around mind, body image, food issues/nutrition, and overall health. Call me coach and message me or comment below to get started with a personal 1-on-1 program w/ my virtual fitness group included OR just to join my virtual fitness/health group by itself ❤
**Revitalize Your Well-being Health Coaching

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