Tips on how to handle “Food Pushers”!

Since it is the weekend and you’ll more than likely attend events I wanted to talk about to handle “food pushers.” You know, the people who practically try to force feed you while making comments like “Oh come on, just have some”, “A little won’t hurt”, “Just this once,” “You can afford to eat it with how much you workout”.

Whatever the comment, these situations can definitely be unsettling, especially if sticking to your guns and saying no makes you feel guilty. I know this was me my whole life! However, now, I choose to put my health and happiness first and do what is best for me…and you can too!

If this is something you repeatedly find yourself struggling with, here are some ways to reframe the situation and strategies for holding your ground without making the other person feel uncomfortable.

1. The first step should always be to politely, yet firmly decline the offer with a simple, “No thank you”, then right away trying to change the subject. You can lighten the blow by prefacing it with something along the lines of, “It looks delicious, but”.
If saying no doesn’t cause the pusher to get the hint and continues being insistent, then it’s ok to give a concrete reason why you are choosing not to indulge.

2. If saying no entirely really does make you feel guilty and you want to save the person’s feelings, you can accept the food but clarify that you will be taking it home to eat later.

3. Always remember that this is you life and you must live it in a way that makes you feel good about your choices. Saving someone’s feelings at the expense of not making progress towards you own goals isn’t fair to you.

4. If a person gets offended or makes you feel bad about your decision to say no, it likely has nothing to do with you and everything to do with his/her own insecurity. Having others indulge with us makes us feel a little less guilty about our choices.

5. So let’s say someone really does get his/her feelings hurt in the moment. This emotion is only temporary and will subside. It highly unlikely you will ruin a relationship over it.

**Revitalize Your Well-being Health Coaching

Knocked out Day 6-Dynamic Strength-in my MMA workout today. I could feel the soreness in my booty and shoulders from doing it the other day, but it felt good! And I got a NON SCALE VICTORY (what I focus on): I was able to do the harder progression of one of the push up styles in round 2 which I couldn’t on Tuesday! YAY!


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