I had SO MUCH FUN today! I LOVE this MMA inspired program! It gets my endorphins flowing, boosts my mood and energy, I feel like a badass and empowered afterward, I feel the burn and soreness each day so I KNOW it is working and I feel ALIVE. Day 4 is now done and it was all about plyo and strength moves today! Now for today’s tip:

Can meal plans work? Absolutely. If the makeup of the plan fits your personal goals you wish to achieve and you have no problem adhering to such a rigid set of rules, then sticking to one can certainly get you results. While I think this approach can be a good short term tool for easing someone into a healthier way of eating or to reach for certain goals/events, I often find they don’t have a very long shelf life. Sure we can white knuckle our way through deprivation and repetition for a period of time, but there will come a day when doing so is no longer realistic, or even necessary.
🔹And SERIOUSLY, WHO WANTS TO LIVE ON A MEAL PLAN FOR LIFE? Who wants to be TOLD what to eat? Who wants to weigh every ounce of food they eat for every meal? AND waste the time doing so that could be spent on other things! And miss out on social events? And life’s little pleasures such as good food and variety?

🔹A major flaw with meal plans is the lack of variety and flexibility they allow for. While it might be easy to stick to during the week when you have less social obligations, what happens when friends invite you out to dinner or certain holidays roll around? If you’re an average person seeking fat loss, packing meals in a Tupperware in an effort to stay on plan, while admirable, is simply unnecessary. And limiting yourself to such a short list of foods will eventually lead to a sense of deprivation that can only be remedied by eventually giving in and overeating the very food that you are so badly craving. It can also lead to a binge eating disorder in the long run.

🔹The problem with such extreme food restriction is that it makes us more susceptible to labeling those on the plan as “good” and those not on the plan as “bad”. This mindset can lead to developing an unhealthy relationship with food, disordered eating habits, or even an ED over the long term, which can be very difficult to overcome.

🔹Lastly, meal plans prevent you from thinking for yourself and actually learning how to eat in a way that works for you. If all you focus on is eating exactly what is written, you limit your ability to hone in on the signals that your body is sending you. Perhaps you dismiss uncomfortable symptoms such as extreme hunger, cravings, fatigue, etc. because you believe following the plan to a T automatically means it must be right for you. Nor does it teach you how to adapt the plan for the times when you don’t have access to the food you need, resulting in panic and anxiety because you don’t know your other options.

🔹This is why I teach and guide my clients towards INTUITIVE EATING and developing a healthy maintainable/sustainable 80/20 lifestyle based on balance and moderation with all foods! I’m always here to coach YOU 

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