Real and Raw Story about my ED past Halloween(s). Tips on you shouldn’t restrict, how to overcome it and WHY you should enjoy yourself instead!

The years trapped in my eating disorder were a period of extreme restriction. I weighed all of 100 pounds and lived off a steady diet of black coffee, low calorie salads, yogurt, raw veggies, and a chemical shit storm of butter spray, zero calorie dressings, sugar free pudding, sugar free gum, Splenda and Diet Coke. #cry

Needles to say, candy wasn’t a part of the mix. And if it was, that meant either: binging, binging and purging, or over exercising to burn it off.

I’ll never forget a few specific incidents that occurred in my life that dealt with the above behaviors listed. One time in particular, I ate a whole a bag of Reeses candy pumpkins on a Halloween night. (they’re my favorite, don’t judge!). I can’t even describe how sick I felt for one, along with the hell, shame and extreme amount of guilt I felt afterwards. Yes, I did end up binging on more and purging (sorry if TMI–but being real and honest here). #thatisinthepast #thankgodforrecovery

Now, the fact that it happened isn’t as important as WHY it happened, which all came down to the fact that I was so restrictive with my eating every single day 365 days of the year, I finally caved when my willpower was at a low point (which would happen at least once or more times a week). I didn’t understand that I could treat myself a LITTLE bit each day and truly be fine–I had the ALL or NOTHING mentality and labeled food as GOOD and BAD and all this led to me ED, restriction and the binge/purge/restrict cycle….

Now, I’m happy to say I have learned through recovery and now my education and coaching business, the concept of balance and moderation with all food. NO restricting any foods or treats. NO DIETS. Just eat whole foods and healthy 80-90% of the time and enjoy yummy treats 10-20% of the time. Ditch the all or nothing mentality. Exercise for your health and enjoyment–not as punishment or to be able to eat. Don’t label any food as good/bad. Food is food and it ALL nourishes us on a different level–body, mind, soul. Don’t restrict or label food as bad because that will lead to disordered eating habits or eating disorders…and will for sure lead to binging hard core on the “bad foods”.

Now I can happily and PROUDLY say I love me some Halloween candy. I can enjoy a few pieces guilt free without 1) feeling the urge to binge/purge on it, or 2) needing to go work it off at the gym. Why? Because I eat real food 90% of the time, move my body daily, and don’t plabel food as good/bad and no longer put foods “off limits”.

So my best advice for navigating the influx of treats that’s about to go down today is to eat some of the stuff you REALLY like and let the trick or treaters have the rest. Can’t get enough Butterfingers? Then go for it. But if those Almond Joys aren’t really your thing, then leave them alone and move on. Remember, the candy will be there tomorrow too, so you don’t HAVE TO eat it all tonight 😉

BUT, most importantly, enjoy the hell out of what you do choose and don’t feel guilty about it afterwards. You can get right back on track to your lifestyle tomorrow….you’re all good. 

**Revitalize Your Well-being Health Coaching

Today I had a ton of fun with my dynamic strength workout from my MMA inspired program! It was all about balance and strength moves–and who knew there were so many ways to do a pushup?! HAHA…Now I feel empowered and double energized thanks to my endorphins and superfood dessert salad smoothie afterwards 

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