Start saying YES to life. Let go of control and perfectionism!

Flashing it back to yesterday’s post because it is important!

Saying “yes” to things I said “no” to for 10+ years during my ED makes me so happy. Like, really giddily happy 🙂

I’m not saying this has been easy–HELL NO. But, I can say this becomes easier with practice and perseverance. And most of all: ONE MAJOR realization: Being free and open to life is 10000x better than trying to be in control of every single little thing (like I was programmed to believe from day 1, “thought” I had to do to be perfect, worthy and please people and to fill the self-imaginary “shoes” I had to fill.).

The one thing that always stopped me from enjoying delicious foods, being my authentic self, being spontaneous, adventuring, and just living my life for me, was the fear of change and being out of control…with the plans, my body, the food available, if I could exercise or not, etc., etc. I wasn’t open to facing my deeper issues and emotions which scared me and also that I couldn’t control….so instead I took that lack in control out on my life. I could control what I did, what I ate, when and how much I exercised, choosing to say yes or no to events, to isolate and make myself feel unworthy so I didn’t feel my emotions and work on them, etc..

But once I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and not living the life I wanted…and finally had my freaking epiphany to recover after yearssss of being entranced in my ED #idontknowwhathappenedbutthankgoditdid…I’ve realized how beautiful life is and CAN BE. Taking the leap of faith in life, trusting the higher power, letting go and truly showing the world your authentic self….is the BEST thing we can do for ourselves! We deserve it and it is the best way to finally show ourselves that there is a light at the end of this tunnel we’ve always felt so stuck in, whatever that is for you. We all have our own issues and demons 
☀️You deserve to be happy.
☀️Work to let go of the idea of perfectionism and control!
☀️Let yourself say “yes” to something you normally don’t.
Is there anything you want to say YES to? Already have? Share with me 

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Sunday rest day means stretching for me! I did a wonderful 30 minute segment from my Netflix of workouts on my computer between games and ahhhhh, it was just what I needed!


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