I’m so proud of you. For many reasons I want you to know about.

If you love your body today, I’m proud of you.
If you have trouble & don’t or can’t love your body today, I’m proud of you.
If you workout today, I’m proud of you.
If you don’t workout today, I’m proud of you.
If you say no to any negative thoughts today, I’m proud of you.
If you struggle with your eating, body image, exercise motivation, job, relationships, etc. today, I’m proud of you.
If you choose to TRY today…If you fight for your body, health and self acceptance…If you do the best you can. I’m proud of you.
💖Loving your body through the good and bad every day doesn’t only mean looking in the mirror and saying, “Today I love myself.” Loving your body is also often shown through your actions and words–especially the words you tell yourself because those affect your mood and actions. So if you wake up today and do your best, then today you love your body and yourself and for that I’m proud of you 

I woke up to wonderful progress from my ladies in my health/fitness group! “I have lost 2 lbs”, “I am sleeping so much better!”, “My energy levels are up!”….YAY!! That lit a fire under my booty to push play. I chose Core De Force, MMA speed and it felt so good to bring back punches and kicks again–BA style 😉 30 minutes-short, sweet, and effective-all done from my living room #winning Ready to own your health and find freedom with food, body and exercise? My group is ALWAYS open and I’m looking for new ladies to coach  Message me or comment below.

Read more at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/marci.christensen

OR on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/revitalize_your_wellbeing/

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