Hello and welcome to my page!

Hello! I’m Marci–a dog mom, country girl, major foodie, lover of food prep and healthy cooking, sports fanatic, coffee drinking, motivating lover of life! I am here to share my passion and purpose with you! After years of my own battle with an eating disorder, I chose recovery and with that found my true purpose, passions and calling in life–To coach and counsel others so they can find happiness in their selves and their lives. Also, to let them know that anything is possible–recovery or overcoming their issues as one of many!

That said, I am now a Certified Holistic Nutritional and Eating Psychology Coach who helps women (and men) “REFINE” their relationship with food, exercise and overall body image while ditching the dieting mentality and developing a healthy maintainable lifestyle incorporating intuitive eating.

Join me for recipes, tips, tricks, educational information, fun activities and more!

Remember, I am here for you 24/7 so if you need/want coached, have questions or want to chat, I’m only a message away!


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